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Singapore Executive Condo news

During the National Day Rally on 29 Aug 2010, PM Lee Hsien Loong announced several measures to ensure that public housing will always remain within the reach of Singaporeans who are buying their first home. This will be achieved by increasing housing supply and dampening demand from those who are not in urgent need of housing. One of the measures is to increase the supply of new flats, Design, Build and Sell Scheme (DBSS) flats, and Executive Condominiums (EC).

Prior PM Lee announcement, there is a halt in the ECs land sales since 2004, with La Casa being the last EC developed (prior 2010). With PM Lee announcement, numerous ECs sites had since sold and/or planning to be released. The ECs that was launched after 2010 are as follows:
  1. Esparina Residences
  2. The Canopy
  3. Austville Residences
  4. Privé
  5. Belysa
  6. River Residence
  7. Arc @ Tampines
  8. Blossom Residences
  9. The Rainforest
  10. The Tampines Trilliant
  11. Watercolours
  12. One Canberra
  13. Heron Bay
Other than the launched projects, below are the upcoming ECs.
  1. Fernvale Land (Seng Kang) EC - upcoming in 2012!!!
  2. Punggol Central EC - upcoming in 2012!!!
  3. Woodlands EC - upcoming in 2012 !!!
  4. Tampines Central 7 EC
Click on the image below to view the details of the EC sites sold after 2010. Singapore Executive condo sold after 2010

With the many sites sold, it gives interested EC buyers more options. However, as not all executive condo are launched at the same time, it becomes an important decision to make whenever a new executive condo is launch. The common questions will be "Can I afford it?", "Will the next EC be better priced?", "Is this location for me?". Knowing that if they miss the initial launch, they probably will not have a second chance to select their choice units. Should you have any ECs queries and/or interested with upcoming ECs, please leave us a message with us.

Other than the upcoming ECs, if you like to check on the existing ECs that is already launched, you may register your interest with us too. Meanwhile, you may like to read through the FAQs below to have a better understanding with ECs.

Upcoming Execuive Condo 2012

Upcoming executive condo launching in 2012, please register your interest with us to be notified of the launch.

Punggol Central/ Edgefield Plains
Site awarded : Qingjian Realty (South Pacific) Group Pte Ltd
Location : Punggol Central/ Edgefield Plains
Site Area : 13,241.80
Estimated Dwelling Units: 395
Lease Term : 99 years

Punggol Central Executive Condo location

Fernvale Lane
Site awarded : Peak Living Pte. Ltd. (Kheng Leong Group)
Location : Fernvale Lane
Site Area : 21,999.90
Estimated Dwelling Units: 770
Lease Term : 99 years

Woodlands Avenue 5/ Woodlands Drive 16
Site awarded : Hao Yuan Investment Pte Ltd
Location : Woodlands Avenue 5/ Woodlands Drive 16
Site Area : 25,800.00
Estimated Dwelling Units: 720
Lease Term : 99 years

Q1) What are the differences between BTO (Build-to-Order), DBSS (Design, Build and Sell Scheme) and EC (Executive Condo)?
A1) BTO are flats sold directly by HDB, they are usually priced below resale HDB market value. DBSS are flats develop by private developer and the design will be similar to condo but without the facilities. DBSS flats are usually priced above resale HDB flats around the same area. EC are similar to private condos except it can only be purchased by buyers who meet HDB requirements, EC are usually priced below private condos and above resale HDB flats around the same area.

Q2) Can I use HDB loan for EC?
A2) No, you can only use bank loan for EC.

Q3) I am a first timer, how much do I need to prepare for buying an EC?
A3) For first timer, you can loan up to a maximum of 80% of the purchased price. You may be eligible for first timer grant of maximum 30k, which can be used to offset the initial 15% downpayment. The initial payments to be made are:
i) Option fee (cash only) - 5% of purchase price upon booking.
ii) Stamp duty (cash or cpf) - [ (3% x purchase price) - 5400 ]
iii) Downpayment (cash or cpf) - 15% of purchase price
iv) Remaining 80% will usually be paid by progressive payment or deferred payment scheme (if available) financed by a bank loan. The monthly installment can be deducted from CPF (if there are sufficient CPF) and the amount will be determined by the loan quantum, loan tenure and interest (always seek the advice of a banker).

Example, the intital payments for $750,000 EC.
i) Option fee (cash only) - $37,500
ii) Stamp duty (cash or cpf) - $17,100
iii) Downpayment (cash or cpf) - $112,500 ($82,500 if eligible for 30k first timer grant)

Q4) I am a second timer and I have an existing housing loan, how much do I need to prepare for buying an EC?
A4) For buyers with housing loans, they can only loan up to a maximum of 60% of the purchased price. 10% of the 40% downpayment have to be in cash. Please check with your preferred bankers on the package they have for second timers.

Q5) I am a second timer, do I need to pay resale levy for EC?
A5) No, second timer do not need to pay resale levy for buying an EC.

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Executive condo enquiry

If you have any EC enquiries or like to be updated on new EC launch, please fill up the forms and we will keep you updated.

Contact no:
First timer:
Own a flat currently:
(for 2nd timer) 
Household income:
Preferred Project:
(Coming in 2012)
Punggol Central / Edgefield Plains
Fernvale Lane EC
Woodlands Avenue 5 / Woodlands Drive 16

2012 Executive Condo

Upcoming executive condos launching in 2012.
- Punggol Central EC
- Fernvale Lane EC
- Woodlands Ave 5 EC

Register your interest with us to be informed of the launch details.

2011 Executive Condo

New Executive Condo launched in 2011.
- Belysa (fully sold)
- RiverParc Residence
- Blossom Residences
- Arc @ Tampines

The Rainforest

Blossom Residences

Riverparc Residence

Arc @ Tampines


Privé @ Punggol

Esparina Residences

The Canopy

Austville Residences

Adora Green

First DBSS in Yishun. Design, Build and Sell Scheme (DBSS) - Premium lifestyle at an affordable price.

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